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Shane Edwards
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As second-generation owners of Edwards Fiberglass,‭ ‬Inc.,‭ ‬family owned for over‭ ‬36‭ ‬years,‭ ‬sons Shane‭ ‬and Shaun have been contributing to the ongoing success of the company‭ ‬for over‭ ‬20‭ ‬years.

Deciding early on that they wanted to become involved in the family business,‭ ‬Shane and Shaun began working for the company‭ ‬after graduating‭ ‬high school to learn the business from the ground up.‭

Shane‭ ‬began working in tank assembly in addition to some fieldwork before moving to the Quoting Department and eventually the Sales Department‭ ‬where he remained until becoming President of the company in‭ ‬2001.‭ ‬While Shane still continues hands-on work,‭ ‬he primarily provides the oversight to the Sales Department and manufacturing operations in addition to other‭ ‬day-to-day operations.‭

Shaun began working as a Draftsman where he remained until becoming Vice-President of the company in‭ ‬2001‭ ‬at which time he too continued hands-on work and primarily provided oversight to the Drafting Department‭ ‬and Financial Department.‭

After taking over ownership in‭ ‬2004‭ ‬maintaining its original name,‭ ‬Shane and Shaun have seen significant changes both within the company and the industry and faced several challenges due to market conditions in the recent years‭; ‬however,‭ ‬Edwards Fiberglass,‭ ‬Inc.‭ ‬today,‭ ‬employing over‭ ‬50‭ ‬people from the local community continues to expand the company‭’‬s market and capabilities.‭

Shane and Shaun would like to thank their dedicated customers for contributing to Edwards Fiberglass,‭ ‬Inc.‭’‬s continued success allowing them to maintain a leading competitor in the fiberglass industry.

Our Mission: Your Satisfaction

At EFI, it is our mission to provide you with everything you expect and more:

  • Product integrity
  • Quality control
  • Competitive pricing
  • Service availability

Edwards Fiberglass offers a wide range of storage tank types, with sizes ranging from 25 to 40,000 gallons. Resins used in fabrication are lab-tested and chosen based on information you provide about what will be stored in the tank. Each vessel we manufacture is subject to rigorous quality control inspections prior to shipment.

Certified Manufacturers

EFI meets all universally accepted standards for storage tank construction, including certification for underground gasoline storage tanks. So no matter the task, we have the experience, knowledge, product quality and training to handle the job.

Access to writers who have at least an undergraduate degree qualification in your discipline; You paper is written by a writer with a qualification that is at least a level at which you have ordered.

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