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Industrial Chemical Tanks

Need a chemical storage solution? Our fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks meet storage needs for industrial chemicals, concentrations, and temperatures. Able to handle the harshest contents, our chemical tanks are made to meet all required regulations for storing chemicals such as bleach, acid, sodium chloride, ethylene glycol, and caustic soda.

Our chemical tanks are corrosion resistant, have a maintenance-free exterior, and are made to protect the environment. 

Whether you're storing mild or aggressive chemicals, we offer numerous testing procedures to meet stringent industrial requirements such as:

  • Acetone sensitivity
  • Barcol hardness
  • Dimensional compliance
  • Physical properties
  • Glass content and hydrostatic
  • Strain gage testing

Choose from a variety of tank types and accessories to fill your industrial chemical storage needs, including double wall tanks, sectionalized tanks, or mixing tanks.

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